Today’s post will be two Photoshop tutorials, the first one will be the famous letterpress effect and the second one will be web download button. I made these two tutorials in one post to give the readers a quick way to learn the two types of effects at the same time. Let’s jump in to the tutorial.
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Tutorial #1 :Letterpress effect

Step :1
Create a document size for your need, here i created 580px width X 300px height and choose bright colour for background.
its better to create layers and do your works, which really helps in editing the each layers later.
Short cut key : Ctrl+Shift+N or click “Create a new layer “ from the layer palette.
Select the text tool from the toolbox menu ‘ T ‘ and type DOWNLOAD – choose Bold Text, i used November text : see the output.

type text now

step-2 type the text now

Step :3 Add the layer style effect now:


step3- innnershadow

step3- add innnershadow

(II) Coloroverlay
step3- coloroverlay

step3- coloroverlay

and decrease the blending option to Flow to 0% to 30% and enter.
Output : the color-overlay can be changed according to your needy.
final output of letterpress effect

final output of letterpress effect

Tutorial #2 : create Web Download button

Step : 1
Create the document and choose black color as your background,

1) Create a new layer -> Ctrl+Shift+N
2) Select the rectangle marquee tool (M)
3) Fill it with your color(color doesn’t matter

Add the layer style effect to the rectangle
Inner Glow :

innerglow effect

innerglow effect

gradient overlay: value #0d96db to #87dcff
Gradient overlay

add Gradient overlay

Stroke: gradient value : #068acc to #34b2f1

add the stroke value

optional : add drop-shadow effect – default value. And inner shadow value if you need, but it wont show you much difference. I didn’t use here.

step : 3
Now you can add the normal text “DOWNLOAD “ OR the previous letterpress text effect. Arrange the size of the text effect and text font. Here is the final output of this tutorial.

One Golden rule: In “Photoshop “play with the layer styles and blending option. You can create many good designs.
Hope you like this tutorial, need suggestion-anything if you don’t like it, Hit it on the comment section.

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