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No Smoking Awareness – Photoshop Poster Design Tutorial

No Smoking Awareness – Photoshop Poster Design Tutorial

Today we like to create a Basic Photoshop tutorial on World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed around the world every year on May 31. We created a Poster design tutorial which will help you to learn some Basic techniques in Photoshop – which surely master you in latest version of Photoshop cs6 tutorials which released last month.

For many Graphic design or web design tutorial you need free or premium stock images – we have collected here 180+ stock photo resource list.

Photoshop Tutorial Resources

1. Beautiful Lady stock – you can use your own.
2. Grunge Paper stock – source via
3. Skull stock photo – source via

The Lady photo was downloaded from a blogspot image link from a photo sharing site and we couldn’t get the source. so its advisable to use your own. If you know the source kindly put the link in the comment section.

No smoking Photoshop Tutorial

Final Output:


Open a female photo you like to photo-manipulate. You can press keyboard short-key “CTRL+J” or right-click from the layer and select duplicate.

Import the GRUNGE stock image from above all the layer and change the mode to MULTIPLY.

Step: 3
Now import The Skull Stock image to the Photoshop tutorial. And make a duplicate no of times you need. Hide the all the duplicated skull layer except one, time to crop them as you need. And place above the Girl image. Follow the above steps to fill the lady with skulls.[ scary right]. Add INNER shadow to the all the skull images – if you need. Enable the Texture layer we used previously. Adjust you level value if you need and crop the unwanted images you don’t want.


Now Duplicate the layer “original lady” and place it above all the layers. Change that into black and white – mix with Hue saturation dark brown. whatever you like to make her more scary and evil.
Dark Photoshop manipulation tutorial

Now change the layer mode of the Dark lady into darker color. Every image has different quality and color range – you can play with other layer mode option. Explore you imagination.

Add Smoke effect to the Poster design tutorial – download any smoke brushes and import them into your Photoshop application. create a new layer above all the layer and apply the brush effect. And in case if you need use Mask option to erase/hide the unwanted smoke over the photo.
Photoshop smoke-effect tutorial
Hoooray we got it, its very simple right. We like to know what you feel on this Photoshop tutorial.

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  1. Wow, Scri…the images here are invredible! I’m learning photoshop all by myself. And, after seeing this, just don’t know what to say. I don’t know whether my image can be like that :)
    Anw, really thanks for the useful tutorial. Love reading your blog, especially the posts about photography topic.


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