We can see many of default Pattern Image  in Photoshop but we can also define Pattern Image as we like.
Today we are going to define new Pattern Image in Photoshop. Just go for only three – four easy steps and you can get
your Pattern Image as you like. So let’s see how to define Pattern Image in short and easy way in Photoshop.


1. First Of All Open Your Photoshop Select New File.

I take 300px x 200px file size for this one. You can take any image size as you like.
Give the name of image layer as like pattern01. Now I take this image for our tutorial.
You can take also any single image for it but I take this one because we can get more options.
One thing I have to suggest you that try to keep the image always in square because whenever
we give the Pattern Effect to page it repeat the element that’s why it should be in square.
Now see the image like this.


2. Now Select the Image

Now select the image layer and click on Rectangular Marquee tool. Then make the selection on image which one
you have to define as an Pattern.
Now I select the  image for our Pattern Image. I select the green bubble image for this one.You can see the image inside of red border selection.


3.Now Define the Pattern Image

After select that image go to Edit > Define Pattern. When you click on define Pattern you can see this kind of pallet.


You can define Pattern Image’s name also you can give any name as you like. Now I give the
Water Pattern for this one and click OK. Here we define our Pattern Image.

When we click OK our Pattern image automatically loaded in Pattern Pallet at the last position. We can see it in
Layer Style > Pattern Overlay. At the last position we can see our Pattern image.

4. Finaly We Define our Pattern Image

That’s the way we find our Pattern Image.Now time for apply Pattern image which one is we define
you can call it Water Pattern also.Now for apply it take another fresh New File and open the background layer’s
lock and apply the Pattern Effect on it. Just go for this way

  • Layer Style > Pattern Overlay you can see this image. Click on Pattern Overlay.


  • After that you can see default Pattern Image. Just click on the small black arrow which was behind the
    Pattern Image see this image.


  • After click on the black arrow. We can see the all Pattern Image in this pallet now we can get our Pattern Image here.
    See the image selection red box.


And finaly we

successfully define our pattern image here just click on the selected red box Pattern Image and see the final result here. Here we
see our Pattern Image Effect on the screen.


It so simple and interesting also useful for design. It will hardly take 2-3 minutes to do it. Now you can define
any image as an Pattern Image.

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