In this quick tip we are going to see how to create a highlight for the buttons or navigation bar which you have created.

Step 1

Create a button or navigation bar as you wish. This is the navigation bar I have created.

Step 2

Now take soft brush of size 60 to 100 px or whatever size suites your navigation bar and foreground color as white. Create a new layer and now click once just above the home tab in your navigation bar. It looks like this.

Step 3

change blending mode of that layer to overlay. This is what the output you get.


If you feel that the highlights is too much then reduce the opacity of the highlight layer. I have reduced it to 80%. This is the output I got.

Step 4

Copy the highlight layer above each and every tab. This is what you get.


You can use them for decorating the page as well as you can use them as button over state in web designing.
Some more results using this technique.

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