Quick Tip: Create Photo Effects without any Photoshop-Actions in Photoshop #1

Today I’ll Write a quick-tip on creating a photo effect using Photoshop without any built-in Photoshop action. Usually Photoshop actions are time saver for Designers and there are lots of Free and premium Photoshop plug-in found in the internet. Instead of depend on others action you can create your own photo effects.

After this Photo effect series, we will teach you how to create Photoshop action plug-in in two series. One for Basic learners and the second one with advanced script used in this.

We are using ShutterStock images as a reference; you can buy them or use your own.

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Tutorial Detail:

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or lower Version,

Difficulty: Basic,

Estimated Completion Time: 2-5 Minutes


Open a Preferred image in Photoshop or you may use Our Image

Now Create a New Layer: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+N


Change the Foreground color to #6d5000, Fill it in the new layer.

Shortcut key: Alt+Backspace

Now change the Layer mode into Overlay from the Dropdown menu.

You have achieved in no time.

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  1. welcome to animhut. thanks for the kind word.

  2. Great Tutorial

  3. Very simple thanks !

  4. Wow! that’s really simple, helpful for newbies too, btw nice theme! :D

  5. thanks .its really . easy .u made it ,so that even i can do it

    thanks for making it easy….

  6. Superb Photoshop tutorial, will try with my photos

  7. Frankly speaking I never heard about these “plugins for Photoshop” before. This is fantastic and a very new thing to me. The effect you have created is simple yet one should know the way in which you have done it outside Photoshop. I am now heading over to the site you have mentioned and would like to create a vintage effect to one of my latest image.

    One more thing; good a blog in this niche. Way to go but I can see you will soon be there.

    All the best

  8. I am still a learner in Photoshop,This was a nice share worked perfectly.

  9. Thank you for precious comment ! we will work hard on this to bring it to top level

  10. Cool!, and very simple

  11. Hey, they sepia effect you used on that image is really cool. I have been using photo filters to edit some of the pictures on my website, but I am going to give this method a shot and see how it turns out.

    Many thanks for the advice,
    @JasonKelly12 @InsuranceCoverage

  12. Nice Info Bro. But i’am not familiar with photoshop

  13. Tried it out… very helpful to a photoshop amateur like me… thanks!

  14. Thank you Annu – your photography is good !

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