We are back with Quick tip categories where we show you how to achieve good and useful technique in easy method. Not like pretending 15-20 steps for a simple effect.
You would have experienced some quick tip tutorial: link.
Twitter in 5 steps in illustrator

Please Welcome another Hut Members. ” Pooja Roy from India ”

Font: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontfacedemo/Quicksand
Software: Photoshop any version.
Layer styles: link or create your own.

Step: 1
Create Photoshop document with your choice. With #000000 [The Background color differs from each design].

Choose your stylize font. Here we used Quick sand font. Press T and choose color #878787. Here we typed “Google 7”

Step: 2
Duplicate the Text “Google 7 “many times as much you like. Hmm… May be 5 times. And each time move the text right from the main text. Use Right Arrow key once.

Step: 3
Duplicate once more and add the layer styles to the top layer of the text layer or pick any color if it merges well with the background.

Final Result:

We hope you like this simple text effect. your suggestion plz.

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