TODAY WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TILT-SHIFT METHOD. Usually this method adopts in photography, the name “tilt-shift” is a type of lens for high digital camera and it cost high. There is another technique to get the same effects using Photoshop.

-the basic stuff here is, you have to take appropriate photos to use them as a source, remember not all the photos can have this effects. It gives good result according to your chosen image.

Here i have chosen this image taken by me. Mistake made by me is turn of the 8megapixel option or else i have taken a high resolution images. But for this 640*480 pixel is enough. Next time I’ll give more high resolution images. Lets jump into the tutorial.

Step:1 The source image we are going to use can be downloaded from [*here].Open the image in Photoshop and duplicate the layer.now hide the original(background image).so that if any errors occurs we can rectify or if we want the source image to use on more time it comes in handy.

Step:2 Now select Image – adjustments – curves. And change the graph like shown below. (Tip: change according to your source image)



Now under filter menu choose Blur – Lens Blur and give this value.image


After giving the values chose Rectangle marquee tool and select 7px feather, it avoid sharp edges around the selection. Using History brush erase Inside the selection part. Remember to choose soft brush(basic brush found in brush pallete).



In this step,we have to give some colour balance( Ctrl+B ). And give this values.image

image image Now if you want u can erase the upper and lower part of the selection some more,as i said it depends on your image. Here i erased some parts using history brush.


You can use blur tool to smooth the edges around the marquee selection . now add some curves settings the image for final touchup, If you satisfied,the result will be… Final output.image

There is another option: you can duplicate the current layer and play with Opacity and layer mode. My choice is pin light and hard light, Vivid light, overlay, soft light will be good.

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