Today FIFA Final match and everyone including me are ready to watch the show, so before getting into FIFA,  here is another Weekly roundup for this week. hope this link useful in manyways for you. keep on submitting your news and we are happy to tweet it !! Note :  Add your twitter user name in the name field while submitting your works.

1. How to create a trendy wordpress layout in Photoshop In this tutorial I will show you how to create a trendy wordpress layout in Photoshop

2. 18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials Today we have collected 18 free and awesome screencasting tools to create video tutorials

. 3. 30 jQuery Accordion Menus, Tutorials And Best Examples Accordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content, here you’ll find a lot of great examples, tutorials and resources!

4. Photoshop Tutorial: How to Draw Cartoonish Cavemen In this tutorial I’m going to explain the making of the ’first chopper’.

5. 51 Useful iPhone Apps For Web Designers And Developers iPhone is a fantastic gadget for web designers and developers. It allows them to work at anytime and anywhere. iPhone’s app store is full with lots of useful iPhone apps for web designers and developers.

6. 30 Photoshop Tutorials To Create Website Layouts Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating attract websites , so today we make very wide range Collection of photoshop tutorials for creating web design layouts.The are all different types of websites and styles of design represented, so you should certainly be able to find some useful tutorials from this group

7. Artist of the Week – DrFranken DrFranken is a complex artist, both a a digital illustrator and graphic designer from Madrid (Spain). Here is some of his work!

  1. 8. Vector Freebie – Man Silhouettes

Free Premium Vector – 41 Silhouettes of Men. Pack contain: standing humaen, gentlemen, teenagers, business man, street boys, young people, man in overcoat. Free for personal and commercial purposes.

9. 50+ Fresh Creative Business Card Designs for Design Inspiration#2 Fresh Creative Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.

10. The Fine Line between Inspiration and Replication Art and designing is all about getting inspired by the element of universe and beautifully putting them in graphical representation. To be inspired by another designer’s art work is very natural and positive. Every designer feels the need to try something new that will take his graphic-making skills to a new level .

11. An Introduction To The Elements Of Design Design principles and design elements often get written about together, but they are different. Elements are the actual things we use in a design and principles are the rules that govern the use of the those elements. What are the elements at our disposal?

12. Applying Realistic Textures and HDRI Lighting for a Photoreal CG Car In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up an HDRI map in an automotive scene, and then apply some textures to the background and the car model to achieve a beautifully realistic result.

13. Submit List To Promote Your Design Articles | No Registration Required Here is the list you have all been waiting for. All the best places online to submit your design articles too for free and best of all there is no registration / log-in on any of these sites saving you submission time. I’d say a complete submission run with this list will take you 30 minutes and you can’t beat the quality traffic you get from these sites nor the precious back-links to your site.

14. Using Negative and Open Space in Photography It is often tempting when taking photographs to fill up as much of the space as possible. When taking photos of a subject that really interests you, it can be hard to censor yourself and consider your composition carefully.

15. 40 Free Fonts For Graphic And Web Designers To select the best font in any design has ever been a big problem for graphic and web designers but you need not to worry now, here we are sharing to you a collection of the best free elegant typefaces, we strongly hope that this collection would meet your requirements completely, lets have a look at 40 beautiful typefaces for professional design work.

16. 60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration Today we are presenting 60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand.

17. How to Use Thumbnails for Previous/Next Navigation in WordPress Learn how to increase pageviews and time-on-site by giving visitors a better way to get to your other posts using thumbnails

. 18. 40 Really Creative Logos for Hotels and Restaurants According to a new study by Strategic name Development, a brand name consultancy, Minneapolis, Logos for restaurants should be simply designed and easy to read but not so simple that they lose distinction and fail to communicate the restaurant concept to consumers. It also appeared in the study that logos that evoked “good feelings” prompted respondents to say they’d be “confident” in eating there.

19. 15 Amazing Nature Inspired Desktop Wallpapers Summer is finally here (for the Northern Hemisphere) which inspired me to gather together some stunning nature inspired wallpapers. Hopefully these will bring you as much inspiration as they did me.

20. Complete Toolbox: 55 CSS Menu And Button Coding Tutorials Navigation menus and buttons with CSS styling are being used everywhere! Below you will find a lot of tutorials each teaching you some coding technique 21. 25 Cool and Helpful jQuery Plugins/Tutorials For Your Next Project We’ve collected jQuery plugins and tutorials a couple of times and it was time for another collection of jQuery plugins.All the below plugins have great functionality and i’m sure most of them will help you for your upcoming projects.

22. Composite an iMac Render into an Incredible Apple Advertisement In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a 3D render of an iMac, and composite it into a scene. You’ll then learn how to take a variety of 3D abstract elements, textures and images to create an incredible advertisement.

23. 5 Useful jQuery tutorials to create Navigation Menu. jQuery is a tool that can help you to create both convenient and good-looking menu, which will be really outstanding. Here we have 5 excellent jQuery tutorials for navigation menus just for you.

24. Multicultural web design To ensure that your website is appreciated by the widest possible global audience, you need to be aware that different cultures are likely to view it with different perspectives.

25. Image Characteristic of the iPhone Photos As a camera the iPhone has some pretty serious flaws, which is fair enough, it was after all designed to be a phone first and foremost.

26. 75 Fresh Hand-picked Logos Design Inspiration We presents you the logo design inspiration series, this time i’ve selected the logo’s from websites around the web, as you know logo is one of the greatest key concept for a website and brand Identity.

27. Our Favourite WordPress 3.0 Tutorials, Resources & Videos Here is a round-up of our favourite WordPress 3.0 tutorials, resources and videos.

28. Breath Taking Body Painting Art I was looking the other day at some truly amazing body paintings and I couldn’t believe they were real! Artists who paint on others’ people body must have great patience and fantastic imagination to create this kind of art work

29. A Collection of 20 HTML5 Video Players We can easily embed videos into web pages without any plugins, using the element (which is now included in latest versions of Firefox, Safari & Chrome & Opera). Here are 20 useful HTML5 video players which allow you to easily embed video into web pages.

30. 50 Beautiful Website Interfaces from DeviantArt for Inspiration One of the best places to inspire you is the DeviantArt. I usually browsing it because there are lots of high quality projects there. I collect 50 Beautiful Website Interfaces for your Inspiration, i hope that you like them. 31. Tips For Growing Your Freelance Design Business Starting a business is difficult. Growing a business is also difficult. You can never be comfortable with where you are. If one or two clients stop sending work it could easily take away a significant portion of your revenue. Here are a few tips for doing so.

32. Create a Glossy Power Button in Illustrator Hi there. In this tutorial you can learn to create a glossy power button. For starters you’ll only need the Ellipse Tool to create some simple circles. To create the power sign you’ll have to play a little with some anchor points and strokes. Finally you’ll need some Warp effects to create the glowing details.

33. 40+ Free Magento Themes For Your Online Shopping Store The Magento eCommerce platform is an open source eCommerce web application that was launched in March 2008.This open source platform is going to a higher level day by day and the system provides many shopping maintenance features.

34. 50 Beautiful Abstract Wallpapers For Your Desktop In this post we will be showcasing 50 free Abstract wallpapers . Take a look at our collection and feel free to download the wallpaper of your choice. Browse through the entire post and be mesmerized!!!

35. Find Out How Influential/Popular You Are Fast Company is searching for 2010’s Most Influential Person Online. You are more influential than you think. Fast Company created a platform where anyone …

36. From Photo to Amazing Vector in 5 Steps There are different techniques to achieve this effect, but this one is very simple and really gives the impression that the image was drawn in a vector-based application such as illustrator.

37. How to Make a jQuery-Powered Alert Box for the Thesis WordPress Theme Get an introduction to jQuery by learning how to make the alert box in Thesis animated and closable, either with a button or by clicking anywhere in the box. Useful advice for any web designer.

38. 76 Amazing Examples of Bokeh Photography By now many of you must have heard the term “Bokeh”. If not than it is nothing but the blurred effect of light in a photograph. Basically in Bokeh photography there are mainly two areas one is the object area which is in focus and the other is the outer area which is out of focus. Blurring the out of focus area of light is the Bokeh effect.

39. 3ds Max Tutorial: Mental Ray Lighting Step by step tutorial about lighting and rendering with Mental Ray.

40. Recognizing and Leveraging Your Strengths as an Artist These days, the possible routes an artist can take are many and they keep increasing in number. This newfound freedom, however, has an unfortunate side effect. Prospective artists sometimes don’t know which road to take, which field to enter, where to focus

. 41. Top Design Books For Designers Design is a funny thing in that you can learn something new about it every day of your life. What better way to learn about design than by reading about it from other design professionals. 42. 10 Tips for Communicating Your Vision to Clients The customer knows what they want, but they usually do not know how to express it. As a freelance designer, it is your job to take that general idea and create something that both you and your client will love

43. 75+ jQuery Plugins: Download Powerful and Elegent jQuery Plugins and Tutorials If you are looking jQuery Plugins and Tutorials then you can find here Best Powerful and Elegent jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. Most of you already aware that jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.

44. Japanese Influenced Abstract Mixed Media Abstract mixed media has to be one of my favourite art styles and in today’s inspiration showcase I have handpicked some stunning examples of Japanese influenced abstract mixed media.

45. 2010 World Cup Advertising – The Ultimate Showcase World cup fever is definitely in full swing. The final game is just a few days away. To celebrate this incredible event we are showcasing the best of 2010 World Cup advertising.. Enjoy!

46. 20 Excellent Examples of CSS With the launch of the iPhone 4 and the general increase in mobile web use (aka the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), the value of animations done using the all new CSS3 or Cascading Style Sheet 3, has risen dramatically.

47. 25 Amazing Examples Of Tattoo Design And Body Art Body art is art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos. Most of us love tatoos and body art. Some people like little tattoos and some love to have big tatoos on their bodies. Today we collected 25 amazing tattoo designs and body art for our readers.

48. 10 Awesome Music Players Totally Free for your Websites A lot of designers use Music Players on their website. Online Music players offer you flexibility and creativity in building your own Jukebox on your Web spaces the way you want

49. Showcase of 5 best WordPress themes to inspire you Today we showcase 5 remarkable and high quality wordpress themes. All of them are really worthy of attention. Relish the po

50. Visualize Everything: 32 Free Tools To Create Different Diagrams You will find here 32 online tools collected for creating diagrams, flowcharts, charts and graphs and all you need to use them is a web browser.

We have mentioned some best 50 links from the rest of the submission. We have some new entry this week, Don not post more than once for a same post. Any queries submit on the comment form. Have wonderful Sunday and happy week ahead !!

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