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The Internet is going crazy for two things in October, they are Halloween and Inktober 2017. We all know what is Halloween and if you like to get some Halloween inspiration check here, You can draw – paint and cosplay inspiration too. Now for more creative and inspiration article for beginner artist, graphic designer who like to draw – but they can’t draw (Everyone can draw) or draw in ages (like myself – rarely drawn few doodles). We have some motivational drawing videos and resources for you.

The Official Inktober 2017 Prompt List:

Inktober 2017
by artist MrJakeParker

Few years back, artist joined together make a 31 Days Challenge to themselves and show their ink drawings on Instagram and other social medias like Twitter, Tumblr. Facebook and Pinterest were not so viral in these. The story goes as we are checking for some drawing inspiration and also know that october is for inktober, so we decided to get some inktober inspiration for readers.

Following drawings are some inspiration from the various artist doing Inktober 2017.
Various Artist work on Inkober 2017

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What is Inktober ?

During October, Artist around the world join a challenge to draw for 31 days. The topic can be anything you like, some draw a mini comic and the complete within those 31 days or go with your gut drawing skills and draw new characters or doodles everyday.

There is a misconception that only good artist should draw” nope not like that. Do you think those artist just become pro in drawing from the beginning. The practice hell a lot, when we spend our time on social media and sites which exaggerated our mind from creativity (you know which sites i am talking about).”

  • The First step to the success is to make the mind to take Intober challenge.
  • Now do not think you need all expensive software to it like Adobe photoshop or Illustrator – you can get free trial here.
  • All you need is a determined mine which should not consider those pathetic critics from docuebags, who make you down. Critics are good – that improves your work.
  • During this month and also anytime please join the official inktober Facebook group.
  • Follow the Instagram artist who are doing Intober2017 and get inspired.
  • Remember that Inktober is a worldwide challenge and doesn’t need to perfect.
  • By doing this, you can improve drawing skills.
  • Another method is to watch Drawing tutorials from YouTube.

Here Check the “How to do Inktober” Video

Do add your drawing with hashtag #inktober #inktober2017 #theme

Following drawings are created by JakeParker for Inktober 2016.
Inktober 2016
Drawings for Inktober

Inktober Drawings

INKTOBER Pen List and Free Page Template check their Inktober official Site.

Conclusion: Myself added drawing in social media and started drawing not only for Inktober also for improving drawing skills. You can show your Inktober Doodles or drawings in the comment section.

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