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When technology changes with a blink of your eye it is not an easy task to develop a killer app for mobiles. But we humans love challenges and so daily we see thousands of killer apps hitting the market. Now if you are think in the same direction and want to create one yourself then here are some fantastic ideas for you to develop killer mobile apps.

Develop Killer Mobile Apps – Some Ideas

Develop Killer Mobile Apps - Some Ideas

Decide upon the Context or Niche of the app

This one must be from the niche you are most comfortable with. I am not barring you to explore new areas but if you are a beginner then it is a safer choice to stick with what you already know about. Also make sure the context you decide should be popular but not saturated.

Questions you should ask yourself before going ahead

Some questions you should answer before you start – Do you want to build from scratch or want to improve some existing app? What is new and interesting you are providing to the user? Do you see any learning from your app?

Building an existing app with new and improved features?

If your app is an improved version of an already existing app, then read extensively about it. Download similar apps and see the pros and con yourself. Focus on everything related like plus, minus, area of improvement, user expectations, cost, market, how to hit that download times mark, read reviews, future of the app etc. Make sure your add-on should be interesting enough that user are compelled to buy it else you would not get the expected results. Also to know about latest trends, issues, and areas of improvement etc. of the existing app you can also join some developer forums.

If Building an unique app

Tips to create Killer Mobile Apps

Do proper Market and feasibility study. Once you have few ideas look if apps already available near your ideas. Read about them extensively. Redundancy will only waste your time. Target audiences should be the focus for any developer and hence before deciding upon the final idea you should also know the market i.e. languages, country, trends etc. that your app would take care of. Once you are done with market and feasibility study it is the time to think about requirements.

You must do an extensive Requirement Analysis like what resources you will need? Would it be an in house project or you would need professional help? Parallel to requirement analysis you should also work on the Design of your app.

A good design is not only attractive but also user friendly.

Try to be simple yet effective, don’t cram too much, focus on your selling feature of the app and then knit the whole app around it. If you make your app very attractive and hi-tech but your main key feature is weak then nobody will love it and your killer app will only kill your dreams.

Platform is one of the key components of Design phase. It can be cross or single. If you are a beginner it will be wise to start with single platform. Once your app gets its due on one platform you can always have a scope of developing it over multiple platforms. Decide upon the platform as per the country and audiences, resources and preferences. In case you have developed the apps on single platforms you can try out multiple platforms but make sure you know all the pros and cons of cross platforms. Once you have decided upon the resources you would need, planning phase would come into the picture. It would tell you how many resources (human hours) you need for your app to get its shape. Cost of development is also an important thing to be taken care of. Apart from money and resources it is very important that you know about how much time would it take for your app to develop. As in today’s world almost everyday technology is updating and daily thousands of Photography apps are hitting the market so make sure you do not stuck in a situation where once your app gets completed, it becomes obsolete.

Time of development should be planned properly and deadlines should be followed stringently. Think about future life of app too. How will you engage the user in case he wants to switch to another app? You can provide updated versions at regular intervals to keep your client base intact. Hence scope of revised versions is also important. Plan for future of the app in advance; this would help you to save your time and money both.

Create a good Help

Make your app easy to use with proper directions. Create a help, get it tested by your friends and people who are not that much into such apps. Then see if they are comfortable with the help provided. It is more likely you have created a great help tool if they see no problem in using your app else make the changes required.

Good design and marketing with attractive website

A picture speaks much louder than words and hence your app website should be sufficiently and smartly equipped with screen shots related to the functionality and design of your app. Get professional help in case you have some budget.
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These are some ideas which will help you to develop killer apps. There are many other things you should take care of like – take a note of installation needs and time required. How much is the Battery consumption, memory needed or is any third party required? List can be endless but I believe above mentioned tips would be sufficient to get a good start.

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