In Graphic and Print design Industries every single aspects are Important features to be considered, for example “Negative Space”.

According to the graphic designers, negative space is an essential part of the graphic designing which remains unused. In graphic design three plain components are found for making up the framework of the pieces. Negative space is also known as white space at the time of working on print designing. There are two kinds of white spaces: Active White Space and Passive White Space.

Space for Creativity: It will give space for the painters to think for sometimes and have some scope to show their creativity. Negative space sometimes manifest the idea of another exclusive design. It opens the door for other unique designs.

The Power of Negative Spaces In Graphic Design Industries

Attracting people: Sometimes plain background which means use of quality amount of negative space sometimes attract more attention than others. Even it grabs the attention from the people standing far away from the ad.

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Positive Responses: first impression is always the last impression. Therefore you need to make sure that your design catches the eyes of the viewers on the very first look at it. You do it by using negative spaces as much as possible. It also offers a simple and eye soothing visual experience.

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Creating balance and harmony: Spaces specially the negative spaces create a balance and a sense of harmony in the graphic designing. In custom infographicsThe Infographic Design Company, offers Custom Infographics Design and Data Visualization Services you can see that if you do not use negative spaces the design may have the chance to look a bit clumsy and unsteady in your eyes. It is in many ways similar to reading a book or magazine where there is no space between words or letters.

In spite of using a number of colors graphics or animation graphic designers still leave a certain amount of negative spaces to create a balance in the final output.
Increase the appeal of the layout: the final output of your graphic designing work will produce the visual impact. Negative spaces are one of the most important elements for operational and interesting designs. If you take a look at a number of layouts you may find how the use of negative aspects has created huge difference.

Better readability: We find that most of all books and the other materials that come in printed format strictly maintain the use of negative spaces to offer better readability and make us understand the text format better. The same method is followed in online designing and reading. A recent survey report shows that the more we use negative spaces the more it offers reading comprehension.

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Stylish and professional design: Usually negative space is mostly used in layouts of the luxury brands. Advertisements that promote expensive products use lots of negative spaces as it offers the elegant look which matches the quality of the brands. On the other hand the cheap or local products use lots of colors and designs instead of white spaces.

Emphasis to the object: if you take a look at the advertisements of the US products you may find the frequent use of negative spaces. You can use white colors or other colors as borders in you design so when the viewers look inside the border they can concentrate on the subject.
Works as separators: It works as a separator between two elements, which are not related in the graphic design layout.

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Indicates the location: proper usage of negative space on logo design can give the content of the layout a different meaning. It is equally important as content. Though excessive use of negative space can make the layout dull and boring.

These are the few advantages of using negative spaces in graphic design or web design. If you are a graphic designer you can use this method in custom infographic design or others.
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