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If you remember the days when colour TV first came about or the video recorder was invented, you might be a little baffled by the overwhelming array of gadgets and technology on the market today.
Whether you pride yourself in being a tech-savvy grandparent or you’re still getting to grips with mobiles and computers, gadgets in 2014 are moving towards a more simple, refreshing format. Many of these are designed to make pensioners lives easier, so don’t shy away for experimenting with a little technology of your own.

1. Tablet

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Tablets have experienced a huge growth in their target market amongst pensioners, with the percentage of users aged between 65-74 tripling over the past year. Whilst they might seem like a daunting piece of technology, tablets such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets are remarkably simple to use.

It might take some learning to initially accustom yourself to the format, but once you’ve mastered them with practice and perhaps a little patience from a family member, you’ll be amazed at what can be done. Send emails, check the TV schedule, order your groceries, all from your sofa or bed. There are so many ways in which a tablet can make life easier, that it’s worth spending the time learning how to use one.

2. Alarm Pillbox

You would be lucky to make it to old age without having a pill box. But naturally it can be a challenge remembering to take your pills every day at the prescribed time.

Thankfully, someone invented alarm pillboxes so that you never get caught out without your medication. Leave it on your bedside table or slip it in your pocket when you head out for the day, and relax in the knowledge that an alarm will notify you if and when you need to take a pill. There are plenty of varieties available online, so you’ll easily be able to find one to suit your requirements.

3. Mobility Gadgets

By no means new but perhaps the most useful invention for pensioners in recent decades, mobility aids are becoming increasingly sophisticated and simple to use. If you or a loved one has experienced a loss of mobility, then you should consider investing in a mobility gadget to make life easier.

From stairlifts to electric scooters, you can get around your home and local area with the help of technology. Don’t struggle with a walking stick or zimmer frame, grants are often available for those with disabilities who require help at home.

4. Be in Control

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Hunting around the house for the remote only gets more difficult with age. Universal remotes simplify changing the channels on the TV, DVD, satellite and every other technological device by putting the control into one place. If you or someone in your family is suffering from memory loss and confusion with conditions such Dementia and Alzheimers, you can even get specialised limited remote controls.

Meanwhile, if you struggle with bending down to switch the plug sockets on and off, there’s a solution for that too. Now you can even buy controls that can switch your electronic devices on remotely instead of having to do so from the socket.

5. Whistle Keyring

You’ll find these in most gadget shops and all over the Internet, but whistle keyrings are a fantastic idea, and not only for pensioners. If you have a tendency to forget where you left things, a whistle keyring could save you hours searching for those house or car keys when you’re in a hurry. So long as you can whistle, this simple but indispensable gadget will beep with flashing lights when you get close to your keys so that you can find them in an instant.

6. Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have come on a long way in recent years, and if you’re a little hard of hearing these days then it’s a good idea to invest in one. Whilst you’ll still find many traditional hearing aids that will do the job, there have been some outstanding developments. If you own an iPhone or tablet, you can now purchase smart hearing aids that you can personalise from your mobile gadget, and enjoy better sound quality than ever before.

our design contributor Harold Rigby, a lifestyle writer and avid gadget user.

There are some extremely high-tech gadgets on the market in 2014 if you enjoy using complex technology, however this shouldn’t put you off exploring what’s out there. Most devices such as tablets have been specifically designed for their simplicity, whilst others are aimed at making life easier for pensioners. So whether you can be forgetful, struggle getting around, or just want to see how useful technology can be, the above 6 gadgets are great for those over 65.

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