Everyone love Fashion and admire them,even we follow the fashion trend day by day until it changes, and in the field of photography fashion photography is one of the most interesting level.
Like each week we are posting one or two inspiration post under various category.
Today we like to show some great fashion photography for the inspiration. i always love this kind of photography-they show some unique creation in their work. i love the colors and the way they capture is just awesome.
This week our inspiration artist is Joanna Kustra. Her works are very vibrant and personally i love many of her shoots. hope you enjoy well. *The Works shown here are Inspiration purpose only, and we got permission from the owner to publish here.
About the Artist:

Born in south-eastern Poland in February, 1984. Her artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood she has been fascinated with music playing the piano and oboe. Her adventure with photography began at the age of 22 and in a short time from a hobby developed into a true passion and a way of living. She is a self-taught photographer, from the very beginning fascinated with people, portraits and fashion photography. Now lives and works both in London & Krakow. Online gallery atwww.joannakustra.com


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