Hello, Graphic and Web Design Readers, Today we are very much excited to introduce “Interview Section” in our blog. Behalf of you, we will Bring more Sneak peak of various Artist, designers and bloggers to know more about them. Which we Guaranteeing the Information they shared about them will be new and more Personal – you wont be seen in their Online profiles.

The idea to Know about the person you follow, like and read about in Internet. Their Workstations and Photography which they haven’t shared in Social media. And Getting Tips and advice from them, how they become successful and popular in internet, Which surely give a Turbo Inspiration to all – including me.

You might noticed we have been featuring many talented Artist Portfolios around the world – which shows the skills and in INTERVIEW section it concepts is to know about that artist who amazed you with their Skills.
Let’s Roll into Interview section and welcome them. Your Comments and Feedback with support is much much Appericiated.

Thank you,
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Louis Gubitosi – TheWebBlend : Interview

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Welcome to Animhut.com and thank you for allowing us to interview you and know more about you.

1. I would like to thank you for presenting more about you to our readers. Tell us more about you; our readers will be excited to know about you.

Thewebblend owner interview
Helllooo everyone, thanks for having me! Something exciting, huh? Well besides relaunching TheWebBlend.com, I am getting married in July – that’s pretty exciting for me at least ;). Even though it’s been time consuming, I still find time to get my work done.

2. We like to know when your interest on design, illustration started?

Well I’ve always loved art. It’s been in my family since I can remember. My grandmother, father and uncle are extremely talented artists. When I was in college, I knew that I wanted to do something with computers, so sure enough graphic/web design was a perfect fit. I’ve never been quite the illistrator, but I love illustration and look up to a bunch of people on sites like Dribbble for their amazing talents.

3. Your Works are stunning. What made you specialize on this theme and what software you are specialized.

Well thank you. Most of my work is done in photoshop first and then implemented using WordPress. I also have experience working with Ruby on Rails, Tumblr, Drupal and Liferay CMS.

4. Can you describe your Daily routine for productivity, how you start your day?

I have a list of websites I jump on to start my day. I’d say I start with GMAIL and Google Reader. Then I’ll open up some sites for inspiration – dribbble.com, forrst.com, luxogram.co and of course thewebblend.com. After that I’ll check the sites that bring in the money – freshbooks.com and carbonads.net. One of my recently favorite sites that organize my to-do lists is Trello.com – you will be addicted.

5. Any ongoing projects going now. Any sneak peek like Dribbble shots ?

Well, The Web Blend is the biggest on going project by far. My partner, Cliff and I are always looking for ways to improve our website for the community. If anyone’s interested in contributing to the development of The Web Blend by creating your own kind of app or plugin, we just released our API for anyone to use (just request a key). You can suggest ideas or stay updated by joining the site or by checking out our blog – blog.thewebblend.com. I’m also working on a comedy social network called All Things Comedy. It’s been a lot of fun to work on.

6. What is your favourite works apart from your gallery?

7. Can we bookmark some websites – which you think “very inspiration and for creativity”?

Some of the websites which i think inspirational – In no order:


8. We like to peek into your Workstation or where you do your works.

I’m not going to lie and say it always looks like this, cause it doesn’t. I’m working with CS3, a 20″ iMac, a 17” Mac Book Pro, a Time Capsule – 500 GB (best invention ever), JBL speakers and some wireless tools. One from 2009, one from 2010 and current setup.

9. We would like to see your Latest profile photography of yours – which haven’t seen in Internet.

Thewebblend owner interview
Thewebblend owner interview

10. What accounts do you use in the social media world? Where could our readers find your work across the web?


11. Any advices to our readers who are going to start a work.

Yes. The most important thing is to understand your job. Ask as many questions as you need to and become 100% comfortable with what your responsibility is and who you’re working with. I also suggest brainstorming, drawing up some wireframes and notes before doing any actual design.

Once you have a solid idea of what you’re going to build, then open up your lovely Photoshop and design away! This is the fun part, so don’t rush to get it done… take your time and build something great. Finally, once you have your design you can slice it up accordingly to build the html, theme or whatever else it is you’re doing. Other than that, stay busy and enjoy your work because this is your career!

So, what’s in your mind. Do you like to ask any other question – drop your comments. and if you like to feature in our blog – contact us. Do you know any artist which you need to know more about them – shoot us a mail. we contact them and if they agree to interview – we are excited to publish for you here.


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