“Lomography” is photography technique taken from the Russian “LOMO” cameras.With the power of Photoshop we can make Lomography technique with our normal digital camera.
At first i struggled, how people take this kind of shots. after surfing i come to know and its very easy to apply who doesn’t have LOMO camera.
Here i mentioned some good wallpaper collection and tutorials which will help you to make own lomography technique.
At the end of the post i mentioned some links for tutorials and inspiration. and this wallpaper taken from wallcoo.net site, one of my favorite sites for wallpapers.
Lomography wallpapers click the image and will redirect to the source page, where you can download your need resolution. remember these images are copyrighted and used only for PERSONAL use. we mentioned here for inspiration purpose only.

Lomography in detail

camerapedia and wikipedia

Epic Lomography Wallpapers and How-to Tutorials

Lomography Tutorials using photoshop

i tried some techniques and its really easy to get the the effect, here is the result. ” my cousin ”

my cute little cousin

Resource :
1. from digital photography
2. from photoshopbox
3. from tutorialpulse
4. from photoshoptutorials
5. from abduzeedo
FLICKR group :Link
some of this tutorial may be know by many people. still many new user love to learn it. i really enjoyed this post.
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