All around the world, Native and Mostly Tribe People admire their nations and citizens of own country with Pride. Many protest to protect their Culture and it’s civilization. During this millennials regain – many go forward in technology and omit the ancestral believes to protect their culture which survived[Yes it’s surviving after many genocides].

When you go through an amazing journey to Kenya and other part of the Africa – you will discover various different culture from many thousand years. The Photographer (or to say artist) who documented the Spirit of Kenya. In his words ” These are some of my highlights from my journey through Kenya, documenting the Spirit of Kenya. We met great Kenya people and had great moments with the locals. I have seen my people in all their glory. “

Project - Capture the Spirit of Kenya [Photojournalism]

The Spirit of Kenya

Let’s know in brief about Kenya:The country located in East Africa by Indian Ocean on the coastline. They have Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands.

All Images are copyrighted to the respective owner – For more of Kabutha Kago work visit here.

He Awarded twice in photography Silver Loerries 2017 and Bronze Cannes 2017. About him: Creative consultant specializing in Commercial Photography and Retouching.

Spirit of Kenya

Spirit of kenya


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