Superheroes in modern days with Gadgets and movies on them with animated series are very advanced as well as creative. This French Digital Artist “Sacha Goldberger” worked with other 110 people for two years, to create Flemish digital paintings of Superheroes and Villains – we know them from 19th century.

The Flemish Art History:
It was the Ypres-born Melchior Broederlam (1350-1411) at the very beginning of the Netherlandish Renaissance who ushered in a new era in Flemish art.(Via Source).

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Digital Flemish Paintings of Superheroes and Villains

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Flemish paintings of  Batman

Flemish paintings of Spiderman

Flemish paintings of Starwars Characters

Flemish paintings of  Alice in Wonderland

Flemish paintings of  Iron Man

Flemish paintings of Darth Vader

Flemish Paintings of Joker

Flemish Paintings of Superman

Flemish Paintings of Wonder Woman

Robin's Flemish Paintings

Captain America's Flemish Paintings

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