We can find source of inspiration in any major blogs or micro-sites and having an account on them is great for resources. Most of my friends from the Blogging community experienced that daily blogging will give you creative block, in that case you check our blog for various Inspiration. Our Motto is “Get Inspired and Stay Creative“.

Readers sometimes are unhappy with us for not creating any content for Photoshop tutorials and resource for designers who started their carrier as Freelancer or web developer. Right now all our guest bloggers are busy and some of them are on vacation – many started their own blogs and concentrating on them, But we promise you we will bring more unique and rare content for Our Readers, Facebook Friends(fans) and Twitter followers.

Looking at our families old photography got this idea (it also act as inspiration – right?) and thought how about we create a collection of vintage photography for our readers – which might be a good inspiration for the weekends.

Did You Know ?

In 1832, a little-known French-Brazilian inventor Hércules Florence studied ways of permanently fixing camera obscure images, which he named “photographia“. He never published results of his invention adequately. Because he was an obscure inventor living in a remote and undeveloped province, Florence was never recognized internationally as one of the inventors of photography.

Readers can be engage with us by providing good articles for inspiration and other portfolio submission to us via contact page. Let us get some inspiration of not to be criminals and at the same time admire the technology of Vintage Photography in 1920’s.

1920′s Vintage Portrait of Criminals Photography Inspiration

Now we have some idea about Vintage Photography – why can’t you download “Polaroid” Photoshop Freebie and you can download our trending topic “iPhone 5 HD Wallpapers“. Kindly Share this articles if you inspired.

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