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We wish you Happy New Year 2014 to all our readers and advertisers and sponsors. Hope this year brings more joy, productivity and be awesome, finish your creative projects. We collected random inspiration articles from our blog which we published in 2013. These articles or post are very much inspired by the readers and mostly searched in Google and different social media. Thank you for your support my friends. Thank You God, Parents, Sister(sub Editor). Keep supporting us.

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60+ Unique Dollar Bill Art

We collected a source, where artist made a new justice league drawing in dollar bill, Do not forget to Re-pin it and share it with your friends.
Popular celebrities in us dollar bill

Photo-composition and Digital works of Disney Characters
Real Life Disney characters

As the technology grows, animation field get heated up and more 3D cartoons from Disney characters came in movies version – which is an amazing. Here one artist made these Disney Female characters into real life bydigital paintings and composition done by him.

Poster Designs of Pop Symbolism by Roberta Marrero

All Illustrations are unique and available for prints, for more information check his portfolio. These designs are copyrighted to the artist.
The Protester 5

CrisVector Illustrations

The Following vector graphics are copyrighted to the owner, do not use for commercial purpose – respect the artist work.

Different Portrait Vector Graphics

New Graphic Poster Design Examples for Inspiration

The commercialization of posters was done with the beginning of modern era. A lot of work was done in the poster industry during the beginning of 19th century. The commercial success of posters dragged many aspirants to try their luck in poster making. The Art Nouveau style dominated the market in the beginning of modern era and it made posters emerge as the best art form in the world. The modern age produced many great artists like Theophile Steinlen, Albert Guillaume and Henri Thiriet. After the emergence of these artists, the poster making industry never looked back. It carried forward the tradition of poster artistry that is continued even now. In this article we have collected more than 30 awesome poster designs from the portfolioof various designers from around the world

Fresh Graphic Poster Design Examples for Inspiration

Animated “Daft Punk” Vector Fan-Art Collections

The following works are copyrighted to the respective artist and as a inspiration readers – give a vote to the artwork.

Daft Punk Animated Version Fan Art

Pixel Painter – 98 Year Old Graphic Designer

pixel painter Hal Lasko Video

The reason we are featuring this artist as a inspiration to the others and as well as for myself – when we get boredom or creativity blocked, we might get back to work. But if we feel down or our designs are not working – his pixel art works will be very good inspiration to all – to stay productive.

Get Inspire: 50 Motivational Typography Quotes

To create a typography poster design or wallpaper for your desktop or other iOS device, you need a perfect premium-free font or different stylish fonts. Remember many poster designs crafted well with typography never gone unnoticed. So lets check these quotes and start your day perfectly.

50 motivational typography quotes

Photography Inspiration Roundup 2013

Beautiful Photographs of Buddha

For being a Buddha lover and his spiritual knowledge – you don’t need to be any particular religion.

Wonderfull collections of Buddha

Colorful Holi Project with Hot Models

Collections of holi theme photography project by three different photographers showcasing there work withhot fashion models with a blow of colorful powder. Hope you will be interesting in creating portfolio like this. Do share your portfolio like them and get featured here. Your artworks or projects will help others to happy or productive for the following day.

for Holi Festival - Hot Models

Portraits of Animals, Reptiles, Fish and Birds Photography

You might like these portrait photography of animals from different photographer – Cute Animals in the Womb Photography, Zoo photography of fashionable wildlife animals, Photography projects of Animal Kingdom epic portraits.

Extraordinary Photography Project of Animal Book by Ernest Gohs

How Visually Imparied Children See – photo project

All the images are copyrighted to the respective owner and as photographer said, you can donate for blind children here.

Photo project = How Visually Imparied Children See

Creative Mother Photograph her Maternity

Learn more about Sophie Starzenski: Born in Buenos Aires 1985. She learned the art of photography at the age of 18 studing with the italian photographer Aldo Bressi. She worked in analog format and made her own copies in the lab. At 19 she started attending different courses to complete her technique and decided photography was more than a hobby. She is a traveller, takes her cameras wherever she goes. She participated in expos at her hometown Buenos Aires, works freelance and collaborates with local media. Via Source


Know More About Natural Lighting Vs Studio Lighting

Capturing the essence of your subject is essential for portrait photography. Your light source will make or break your portrait and set the mood for your final images. Understanding the difference between studio and natural lighting will help you to capture the perfect photos every time.

Random photography inspiration

Hope you like our collections and yet there are many articles you might like – kindly search for more information from our blog. You can submit your artworks and infographics in our blog and we feature your work with the original source.


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