The February month went quite well for us, except the Paypal and RBI(India) issues on Freelachers and bloggers. We came across large number of Blogs in web for bring you a Solid content on Tutorials, Inspiration, Articles and Freebies.

From the post you can get a Impression – Bloggers showed their interset in Writing Articles comparing to Tutorials and Freebies.
We have hand-picked some Great conent for you to bookmark.
If you think we have left any content which are worthily to be mentioned here, please comment with your link.
Thank you SriGanesh.M

Previous Design RoundUp January 2011

Below are the some good quality content from Feb 2011 – It doesn`t mean other post are sucks, No ! We mention what we think its good for our readers. There are other great post out there, if you like to be updated please subscribe to our Rss Feed.


Check out our Inspiration post here on AnimHuT

Digital Artwork Inspired by Geometry


Amazing Typograhy Design Ideas for Designers

FYI Monday: Vibrant Illustrations by N1ko

25 New and Weird Photoshop Manipulations – Strange Collection!!

Gravity Defying Advertisements


40 Stunning Photo Manipulation Effects in Mobile Phone Advertisements


Making of Metallic Transformers Logo

How To Create a Colorful Logo Style Icon in Illustrator

Create Vivid Lighting Illustration in Photoshop2

Design a Dark, Super-Natural Magic Figure with Fire Element in Photoshop

How To Create a Sophisticated Business Card Design

How to Create Typography Poster Enigma Using Photoshop

The Cosmos: Create a Supernova and a Ringed Planet in Photoshop

20 Useful Photography Techniques for Snapping Beautiful Pictures

Article :

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

The Art of Saying “No”

Look Under The Hood: Photoshop Color Settings

Tips for Converting Your Freelance Operation into a Business

10 Tips For Freelancer to Work Again When Business is Slow or Dry Days

Optimize Workflow And Productivity: Notable Tips For Freelance Designers

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

10 Ways Freelancer Can’t Miss To Kick Start The Writing Habit

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Copywriting – How to Write Effective Website Content


Useful Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sets

15+ Two-Sided Business Card Templates

Roundup for feb 2011 is finished ! you can submit your post submission in our Design Community News section !
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