Today’s Post on Popular Articles, Tutorials, Inspiration and Freebies of April 2011. We Have Picked some of the Best post found this month, If something is missing from our content drop your links in the comment section.

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  • 45 Free, Clean and Elegant WordPress Themes

    What do you expect when you click on the title like this? One or two nice themes and a whole bunch of low quality freebies cluttered with old-fashioned design elements, nothing close to premium, clean and elegant WordPress themes you have to pay for? I believe that this time you will be pleasantly surprised.


    Texture has really set a trend for modern web designs. If you look around any source of design inspiration, you will commonly see web solutions with different kind of texture based web design. Textures can be used in different ways with a variety of different styles.

  • Pros And Cons Of 6 CSS Layout Patterns: Part 2

    What are the pros and cons of some of the common css layout patterns available to us? Are some layouts preferred over others? Part 2 of a post looking at 6 common css layout patterns including responsive layouts and fluid/elastic grids.

Most Attractive & Eyecatching Beauty Of Mosque Architecture

A mosque is a beautiful place for worship in Islam. While prayers can be done privately, either inside or outside, almost every community of Muslims dedicates a space or structure for congregational prayer. Looking throughout photographs of mosques around the world, one sees a lot of variation. Building materials and design depend on the culture, heritage,


    Today we will create a really cool conceptual headdress using stock photos, Photoshop and our imagination. The idea hit me when I saw a picture of a native American while browsing around some pictures. So I thought it would be interesting to make one with a totally different twist, with bone and metal.


    Time for some more inspiration!! Let’s talk about flyer design. Yes, Flyers are fun, exciting and a sub-genre in a culture of its own. Some of the designers love these designs and some of them not

  • Free Retro Vintage WordPress theme

    25/04/2011 @ 16:14 By WordPressThemeShock

    One of the most fantastic and yet free WordPress themes you can find with tons of features: Drag and drop layout creator, 3 different sliders, 100+ shortcodes (via WP text editor) and MUCH more…

  • 40 Venom Artwork Collection

    24/04/2011 @ 13:20 By aditia

    Venom appearance well known with freak teeth and tongue. From the marvel comic it just some kind of liquid alien who need a host to survive, like human.

  • 15 Premium Fashion WordPress Themes

    22/04/2011 @ 15:40 By WPSmash

    Here I want to show you a unique collection of 15 Premium WordPress Themes created special for fashion sites.

  • 25 T-Shirts I’d Buy for My Loved Ones

    22/04/2011 @ 02:21 By Adriana

    This month is a period full of events for me and the people around me. It’s my b-day, my dad’s b-day & name day, my friends’ name day, my small cousin’s b-day (she’s born in the same day as me, the 21st) and Easter. This is the reason I came up with the idea for this post.

  • 15 WordPress Plugins for Directory

    17/04/2011 @ 07:57 By nenuno

    WordPress is a highly customizable blog system. Using a plugin, you can easily turn your website to a directory system. Take look at my latest collections – 15 WordPress Plugins for Directory and find out what plugin is suitable to your needs.

  • Free Shopping Cart Icons

    18/04/2011 @ 08:18 By Oksana

    Download free professional shopping cart icons to create effective buttons for e-commerce designs. Free to use in personal and commercial projects.

  • 30 Premium E-Commerce WordPress Themes

    18/04/2011 @ 19:30 By WPSmash

    If you are looking to sell something online such as digital or tangible goods then it’s clear that you need an e-commerce site for this.

30 Examples of Health Niche In Web Design

14/04/2011 @ 16:19 By Toan Nguyen Minh

Today I compiled the first collection of web designs on Web Design Burn. For the first list of insipring web designs, I decided to choose health niche and collected best designs of that niche from the internet. Most of them are blue and green color with a clean design and got pretty high rateing on CSS Galleries. Check it out, and get some new ideas in your next health web design project

How to Make a Dazzling Golden Pearl Teapot in 3D StudioMax

This tutorial is based on visualization and artwork in 3D Studio Max. Without a doubt, it is a treat for designers.

Rendering a Toy with Mental Ray

Tutorial: How To Design a Realistic Takeout Coffee Icon

How to Price Your Web Design Services

Design a Vintage Baseball Card in Photoshop


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