Its Christmas today and everyone busy with holiday woks and purchase, so i created a very simple tutorial on creating a Xmas ball in 5 steps, Any how you can download the source file in our last post, here you can learn how to create it simple now.

Step :1 Create a document 300*300px and draw a circle of 150px, the size of the document and circle dimension is your choice.
Tip:To create a document use Ctrl+N or file -> new

Create a Circle
Step: 1-a, Fill it with Gradient #RGB – 29,172,67 and second slider value : #RGB- 9,54,10 and select Radial type. Fill the circle with gradient
Step 2:
Draw a holder with a pen tool above the ball and give the gradient type: linear. You can use black, white and gray color to make it as a shinny holder, which look like this: Create a Holder and give a steal effect
Step 3:
Create a Hook by drawing the Inner Circle and give some dark gradient to look something different from the holder. Tip : the inner circle can be achived by placing two circles and using path finder delete it. draw a circle for hook
Step :4
Create a star using the star tool found inside the shape tool and click on the document to give the values, choose 5 sides- it will be better, however more side looks good too. Create a Star using star tool
Step 5:
Its almost fininshed but the ball need some shinny effect, to get that draw a circle smaller than the xmas ball and give the
• gradient Type : radial
• Color Mode : CYMK
• Slider1 : CYMK-0,0,0,0
• Slider2 : CYMK-100,100,100,100
• Transparency Mode : Screen

And here the Final Output : Final output
We have came to the conclusion and here is the collection of Xmas Ball for Download : You can download from this page
Preview of 20 Xmas ball

“Happy Christmas”

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