Two years before, I wrote a post on “Add Twitter Id field to comment form in 5 easy steps “. The post become popular and came in handy to many new bloggers and other friendly bloggers.
There are many tutorials for Thesis theme, but for other WordPress theme this tutorial will help you out.

After many updates in WordPress theme and especially in 2011 – the comment section are written with array instead of form script. In this situation you cannot add the twitter Id input field next to webpage section.
If you use to make the settings Default – it will look ugly with lue background.
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The purpose of this tutorial is to make the Twitter ID plugin “Input field” next to the comment submit button with more elegant. You can add Icon next to the Twitter ID section!
The Following steps will help you to make the Twitter ID plugin from ComLuv more elegant and useful to make new friends and comments in you blog.

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Final Output:


Install the Plug-in from the WordPress plug-in Directory: Twitter ID link
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Ps: Always backup your Database for safety purpose.
If you like to make the plug-in look default – select the Yes from the selection!. Warn you it will look like below screenshot.

And please do not select any section or edit it if you like this feature.

Step : 2

If you like to enable a elegant Input field with image, Try this and if you are using our old tutorials – kindly remove the following line from the Comment.PhP

<p><input id=”atf_twitter_id” type=”text” name=”atf_twitter_id” > Twitter ID <br><small>(ID only. No links or “@” symbols)</small>

Click on the image for Large view for seeing all settings

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And insert only the Text / HTML mentioned below. Delete the old Codes.

css classes

Class for the DIV used to wrap the field (for automatic added field)


Class for the input field (for automatic added field)


Field Description

HTML before field description (maximum 120 characters)


Text describing the added field (added before the input field)
Your Twitter ID (optional)

HTML after field description (maximum 120 characters)
<img src=””></a></small><br>


Just Press the “Save” button

You will get a elegant look in the comment section – your readers love it !


Hope you get this steps work for you – any errors or feedback put in the comment section!

Please note it’s a beta change – if you can find the alternative way to add Twit Id link in array method spread your ideas here.

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