In this tutorial let us see how to create a dark nebula background visiting card. Business cards are play a very important role in impressing the clients and once they are made differently and good looking then you are half done with earning the client. This tutorial helps you in creating one such business card and this is how the card looks in the final output.

Final Ouput

Step 1: Open the document

Open a new document of size 3.5 inches x 2 inches with resolution 72 pixels per inch.

Step 2: Fix the foreground and background colors

Now fill the background layer with black colour and choose foreground colour as red.

Step 3: Creating clouds

Then create a new layer fill it with black colour. Now go to Filter->Render->Clouds. Then again apply Filter->Render->Difference Clouds. Now you must get some result similar to this.

Step 4: Adjusting the background

Now go to layer blending options. There you have got the “This Layer” tab at the bottom of the dialog box (the red circled area). Now hold alt and click and drag below that “This Layer” tab until you get the desired effect. If you want you can even apply Difference clouds filter again and adjust “This Layer” tab in layer blending options any number of times until you get a effect that you are satisfied with.

Now you must be getting something like this.

Step 5: Adding star field

From now onwards the remaining steps are optional. You can change anything in any way in order to get any output you like. Now create a new layer and fill it with black. Now change foreground colour to white and apply Filter->Noise->Add Noise, and choose noise level to be from 25 to 40. Before applying it make sure that Gaussian and Monochromatic options are selected.

Step 6: Adjusting the star field

Now select this layer. Press Ctrl+T and change the width and height of this particular layer to 200%. Change the layer blending mode into Hard light and reduce opacity to 50%. Now you must be getting some output similar to this.

Step 7: Adding text

Now type the text that you want to type and apply any layer styles that you want on the text until you get your desired output. If you want you can apply some brushes also. Below is the output that I have got.


You can use different foreground colours to create different nebula backgrounds. You can even use dual colours. Some of the examples are below.

So this is how you will have to create a nebula background business card.

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