This is my first tutorial in photoshop, and I done this poster for my semester project. Here i am going to show you “War Movie Poster” in very simple methods. And this tutorial is for basic one.(just now finished photoshop and learning new techniques daily). Ill be posting some new tutorials soon.

Step: 1

Open a Document in Photoshop(recommend Cs2 or Cs3). File->New(Ctrl+N) give the value:

| clip_image001.

Now,select the foreground color and value: 202020, fill it(Alt+backspace).

Step: 2

Create a new layer [ Ctrl+Shift+N ] here we add some backgrounds i found this

Please remove the birds using clone tool(S),by pressing[Alt+ Left Mouse click] near by area and brush with soft brush.

Now select Image->Adjustments->B/W [Alt+Ctrl+Shift->B] “ note: Cs2 USER use DESATURATED(Shift+CTRL+U)” and then use Lens flare [Filter->Render->Lens flare ] to the clouds,the effect will look good at final stage.{Lens flare is optional}


found in cs3 or above*

Lens flare: Use Brightness:100%, lens type: Movie Prime. You always play with settings/values


Now Move image to top position of same layer



Create a new layer(thunder) above all,Now we are going to add some thunder bolt images. I have given edited image HERE. Just duplicate the image once and both image “Layer mode” change to “Overlay”. ” My suggestion: use layer mask to hide the unwanted parts using soft brush”Always have the practices of grouping similar images & name it. the image may not looks so good right?, Dont worry the next image will make it good



Create a new layer above all layer. Now place the ground image in bottom position of the same layer , once again i gave you the edited image in B/w mode(link).

Name the layer ‘Ground’.now it looks better.



Now our background is set, Create a NEW LAYER above the thunder layer. we move on to missionary, I got this image from use the Pen tool(P) to select the plane


and after selecting whole plane,From menu: Select-> Inverse[Ctrl+Shift+I] and DELETE as shown below and desaturate it. Name layer”plane1” and duplicate two times and resize it.


Place the image one behind one,like this, now follow same step once again-(duplicate plane) for how many times you needed. For me 12 times duplicated and resized,placed in many places.Preview( i hide clouds and thunder layer to see clearly). enable them later.


now enable the previous layer,the image should look like this:



Create new layer above plane layer.Add Explosion smoke to the Image Link.

Desaturated edited image. And place wherever you want, but make a copy of 9times as i did.[Tip:use volcano eruption] .Apply the same effect,(i.e)pen tool to select the object,delete the unwanted space and desaturate.



Create new layer, add some tanks in war field,used this image from image default in black/white so its easy to edit them and plce as you like.duplicate once. Name it”tank1”



Now create another layer,name it and plce a snipper in left side of the layer.[/*image src I don’t know,i took it from other language blog.if u know tell me*/]the Link snipper. Use the layer mask method



Here comes our hero,i looked many free image sites,and atlast i found our hero.

Use pen tool to extract the hero and put him in the centre,before that desaturate it.

You can also add some filter Gallery” so i used under Filter-> Fliter  gallery-> Artistic->PosterEdges effects. The Value are : 2-1-2.


Place more missionary one in right major tank. Now everything over,its time to add text to poster.

Here used some grunge type fonts” Destroy”,you can use own. With the type tool(T) type “ WAR” and double click on the layer to open blending mode option. The values are.


Drop Shadow


Inner shadow


Outer glow


Gradient Overlay

Now duplicate once and raterize it by Rt-clicking on the text layer and select rasterize.

Now add one more blending option to the previous one” bevel and emboss” the contour and Texture option varies upon your font.i add some more text like summer,5 and paragraph


Bevel and emboss


How about add some rain effect to the poster,it looks really nice.

Create new layer and fill with white color now goto Filter-> Noise-> Add noise. The value : amount-90%, Distribution :gauusian and check monochromatic.

Then goto Filter->blur-> Motion choose Angle and Distance accordingly.

Next step change the blending mode of the rain layer to “ SCREEN”, now Under image->adjustments->Levels(Ctrl+L).

And give corresponding values 200.0, 2.0, 256.0 and output levels is 0-255,channel RGB. So our final Poster image : High Resoultion:


Final: War poster without RAIN effect !!


Final :war poster with Rain EFFECT

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