Patterns are merged with our daily life, some are found on our website background designs, architectures and many places. Gamers and Metal fans like carbon fiber pattern in their games like automobiles or designing their website they add to the background.

Creating a pattern in illustrator is basic like Photoshop, we are going to show you how to create them in 3-5 steps in this tutorials.

Web designs and Flyers are used different patterns for their work and promotion – which is a great idea to develop your business offline apart from online via Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Carbon Fiber Customized Patterns in Illustrator – 5 steps

We are going to start with new document, the size of the document may be any value. Here we choose 600px square.

Create a Light Background color and fill exactly to your document dimensions. Now create a Ellipse at the center of the document.

Add gradients to the ellipse by using appearance tool. Choose the Fill option from that and apply the following value.
* There should one Black and two Gray color as seen in the image below.

Add a fill below the gradient using appearance color or add manually using copy and paste in front or back. Give a bright color and resize the gradient ellipse slightly above the second ellipse we created. This is to give a depth look while creating patterns.

Group the Gradient ellipse and bright ellipse, now resize them to 10-20% from the origin. Place the Ellipse left corner of the document.

Now pressing Alt key and drag the ellipse in which direction you like to move a copy. We made a duplicate below the original ellipse. Press Ctrl+D (for repeating last actions a user made) again and again until the end of the document.

Follow the same steps, this time select all the vertical ellipse you create now and drag to your horizontal side and repeat with Ctrl+D. You got your Desired patterns.

Final Preview:

Preview other Patterns we created using same method

Hope you enjoyed this quick-tip article which is basic for everyone.

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